Week 35 Retrospective

Grind, grind, grind

This week felt very “normal”—in that my time and effort distributions were pretty similar to past weeks, and I didn’t have any major milestones or events to hallmark it. It was a good week, just a nondescript one.

I wonder if these types of week will become quite common as I establish more of a rhythm, and I wonder if that would be a bad thing for my own long term growth and development.

Or maybe stability is good?

Who knows!

Feels like a problem for future me.

Place Card Stats

Numbers stayed pretty consistent from last week with 27 sales and $56 in revenue—the latter a new weekly record.

Place Card Dashboard

The holiday season—and in particular Thanksgiving in the US—is when the highest search volume for place cards happen each year.

Because of this I’ve spent a bit of time adding seasonal/holiday designs and they’ve been selling pretty well! We’ll see whether the sales numbers go back down once the holidays are over, or whether I’ve reached a “new normal”.

On a side note—I expect to hit 100,000 place cards made today or tomorrow! That number is quite fun, despite it being an obvious vanity metric.

Goal Report Card

Bit of a mixed bag this week. Also a shorter list as my “committed” work for others has been a bit higher than usual.

# Project / Area Goal Grade
1 Place cards Holiday card designs, traction effort, product effort A
2 Writing Revised draft of part 2 of “the long road” C
3 Generate Revenue Continue pushing / working on freelancing engagements A
4 Dimagi Make real progress on priority stuff B+


  1. Added a bunch more seasonal designs, did some high level planning/roadmapping for the next few months, implemented some more small feature requests that came in.
  2. Attempted to work on the blog, but struggled to stay motivated/focused. Hope to power through this week.
  3. All good. A bit busy.
  4. Participated in Dimagi’s tech team hackathon and made what is (hopefully) a useful new report. Next step is to work with the product team to get it release-ready.


Looking good again this week with 30 hours for others and 17 hours for myself (not counting physical/mental health and day-to-day life stuff).

Week 35 time breakdown

Week 35 time breakdown

The Dimagi time also made a huge transition into more proactive and non-overhead work which is great. Hoping that trend can continue.


Had my best overall day of surfing again this week on Sunday. Reminded me of this blog I wrote.

Also took in some nice sunsets.

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