The Best of Your Life

When you're learning, you get to have the best experiences of your life every day.

Yesterday I had two new “bests”—the best single day of surfing of my life, and the best individual ride of my life. The latter was—to an experienced surfer—nothing particularly special. Maybe a 15 or 20-second ride on a smallish wave that I managed to run along sideways and do a couple turns on. But it was still the best ride of my life.

My previous best day of surfing was last Sunday.

That’s the magical thing about learning something new. When you’re really learning something you have the opportunity to be the best of your life every single time you do it.

This applies to anything—the best ride on a surfboard, the best painting, the best lasagna, the best-looking website, or the most popular blog post. If you’re learning and improving you will fill your life with “bests” every single week.

If you haven’t had the best something of your life this week go out and find something new to be bad at!