12 Apostles, seen from Lion's Head in Cape Town, South Africa

About the Sabbatical

In late 2016 I found myself feeling de-energized in my CTO job and decided I needed a change.

The result is what I called my solopreneur sabbatical—a six month exploration into the world of solo-entrepreneurship as I attempted to launch a product and earn money from it.

I made a site that makes it super easy to make printable place cards for a wedding, and even made a few bucks from it. The site pretty much runs itself now and generates a small amount of steady income for me.

During the sabbatical I wrote regularly about my progress, something that I attempt to keep up despite having returned to more steady work.

I hope that other aspiring solopreneurs or burnt-out developers can get inspiration or advice from my story and do something exciting and different in their lives! Also I love hearing from people, so get in touch if you want to chat!

Sand dunes in Bazaruto, Mozambique

About Me

My name's Cory. I'm a software developer and aspiring entrepreneur. I also write occasionally.

I work for Dimagi, where I served as CTO from 2007-2017. I also like launching side-projects, and do occasional freelance consulting.

I mostly work with Python and Django, but React is okay too. This site is made with Jekyll and the styles are mostly Bulma (which I love). I'm pretty good with code, but I view it as mostly a means to an end. I can be opinionated about productivity, collaboration, and how best to get work done.

In my personal life I enjoy exploring mountains (on foot), pretending I know how to surf, pretending I am in a band, traveling the world, and taking lots of pictures with my Pixel.

I'm originally from the suburbs of Boston, grew up in a family of MIT nerds, and am recently married to a wonderful colleague of mine who was also kind enough to financially support me during the sabbatical.

About This Site

This site is made with Jekyll using a theme I built myself using the wonderful Bulma CSS.

In an apropos attempt to generate tiny amounts of passive income, this site is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

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