Week 17 Retrospective

Just diving in again this week!

Goal Report Card

# Project / Area Goal Grade
1 Chrome Extension Landing page, Post to Product Hunt A-
2 Place cards Next A/B test, content tweaks, maintenance B+
3 Writing Ship a blog, draft another C
4 Django First Blog F
5 Make / Ship Stuff Chrome landing page + portfolio B
6 Generate Revenue balls in air + portfolio page A


  1. Made a landing page for Photos New Tab and tried to get someone to post it to Product Hunt, but haven’t heard back from them yet.
  2. First A/B test on the landing page was a big success (increased conversions to the card maker by ~40%). Running #2 now. Didn’t get to much of the other stuff.
  3. Shipped my four-month retro post. Failed to write anything else.
  4. Continued failed efforts writing about code. Am not quite sure why I’m struggling to start this one properly.
  5. Just a few static web pages for Photos New Tab and my portfolio.
  6. I had been meaning to make a portfolio page for a long time and finally did that. Still need to add lots to it, but gives me a foundation and can now send future possible freelance clients there.


Here’s how I hoped to allocate my time at the beginning of the week:

Project Time ~Hours / Week
Chrome Extension 10% 4
Place Cards 10% 4
Writing 20% 8
Django 20% 8
Make / Ship Stuff 20% 8
Generate Revenue 20% 8

And here’s the actuals:

Week 17 time breakdown

Week 17 time breakdown

I’d say I did decent with the time allocation with the exception of spending 20% on django stuff, which also helps explain the lack of progress.

I did intentionally focus on chrome and writing this week since those were the things that were short-changed last week. Perhaps I overcompensated and am now just see-sawing.


This week’s instagram is just a snapshot from daily life in Cape Town—a flock of birds I ran into (literally) with Lion’s Head in the background. Can you spot all the guinea fowl hiding amongst the pigeons?

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Heads up: next week I’m taking a bunch of “time off” (I know…) so might be a quieter/less productive one.