Week 13 Retrospective

What the hell did I do last week?

Last week kind of got away from me a bit.

I’m not totally sure what I accomplished despite never feeling like I wasn’t being productive. I suspect it’s because I spent most of the time thinking about how to get traction and marketing my projects, and a) I’m terrible at that and b) those things are slow and take a long time.

Goal Report Card

Pretty ugly report card.

# Goal Grade
1 Pop up for air and figure out high level next steps B
2 Focus on traction for placecards and chrome extension B
3 Seriously investigate the django book idea C
4 At least one longer blog F


  1. Spent some time retrospecting and planning next steps but found it hard to make decisions. I think I need to write some of this down to help clarify my thinking.
  2. In one of those “what the hell am I doing with my life” moments I spent a fair amount of time attempting to write a guide to printing for weddings and a guide to wedding place cards as a form of content marketing and possible long-term SEO. Also made a youtube video showing the photos new tab functionality.
  3. Had this idea that maybe a good next project was attempting to write a book about growing/scaling a django project. Only spent a couple hours on it though.
  4. I think I was too burnt out from all the place cards writing to write about the sabbatical at all (apart from this little riff on surfing and learning). Hopefully will be able to pick that back up this week.


Week 13 time breakdown

Week 13 time breakdown

Two weekday surfing trips = a bump in physical/mental health and a dip in sabbatical time.

The rest looks ok though with the main focus on trying to figure out how to market place cards.


Like I mentioned, went surfing twice during the week and also explored another new hiking/walking route around Cape Town, courtesy of Mike Lundy.

Found some interesting trees along the way, featured in this week’s instagram:

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