Week 12 Retrospective

Holy smokes it's the midpoint.

Yikes, week 12 is over!

This is a big milestone because it represents the approximate midpoint of a 6-month period.

I’m not planning any broader rumination on where I am and where I want to go for this retro, but it’s on my goals for the week to think about it more.

Goal Report Card

# Goal Grade
1 Able to actually collect money on placecard.me A
2 Some marketing plans for placecard.me C-
3 Add project/portfolio page to website F
4 One more blog (monetization test?) drafted or shipped A
5 Continue pushing on freelancing conversation B+


  1. Place Card Me is now collecting payments! Well, you know, if anyone were interested in paying it would be… For all the time that I put this off I actually was able to end-to-end everything in less than a day. Stripe is pretty great.
  2. I thought a fair bit about marketing but didn’t execute very much.
  3. Been meaning to add a portfolio page to this site the help boost my freelance presence. Didn’t get around to this.
  4. Wrote and shipped an update on testing pricing.
  5. Have a number of conversations in flight though nothing concrete in place beyond that. Also started doing a tiny bit of contract work for Dimagi a side effect of which is a video tutorial series about CommCare.


Week 12 time breakdown

Week 12 time breakdown

Place cards are back on top in a big way and everything here actually looks pretty good to me. Rare and nice to look back on a week feeling like I prioritized correctly.


My place card marketing exploration took me to the Cape Town Wedding Expo!

It was a strange event that mostly reinforced how out-of-place I feel in the wedding industry. But it was fun and interesting nonetheless.

Here’s a shot of Ro trying to help me gear up for marketing—something that ended up not really happening due to scary signs triggering a fear of being kicked out and sued. The world continues to expect and work against marketers!

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