November 2020 Retrospective

What a month!

I ran a very successful Black Friday sale and had my most profitable month to date.

Stripe Sale

Pegasus revenue from Nov 4-Dec 1. Can you guess when the sale started?

I’ve decided to write up my experience in more detail in a separate post, and in the meantime, I’ll keep the retro short.

Last Month’s Goals

Continue improving Pegasus’s deployment and tools offering: A

Pegasus now supports “one-click” deployment to Heroku, Digital Ocean App Platform and Google Cloud Run. In particular, the experience for both Heroku and Digital Ocean is really slick—I can go from a new Pegasus project to live in just a few minutes. I’m hoping this increases the value proposition of Pegasus and makes it much easier for people to push their Pegasus apps live.

Publish the next article in my “ikigai” series: A

Done! “How to Save the World” is a look at some of my favorite frameworks for do-gooding presented by career-counseling site 80,000 hours. It wasn’t particularly popular, but I’ve gotten a handful of thoughtful emails from people who found it useful.

Start a real data science and/or machine learning project: C

I’ve been playing around with Twitter data and doing data science experiments on the social graph, but I have not made much progress and will likely table the project to focus on other things.

Last Month’s Profit

Project Profit Monthly Change
SaaS Pegasus $6104.63 168.10%
Place Card Me $1235.94 -12.34%
Chat Stats $103.51 22.22%
Total $7444.08 97.37%

It was another “redo the axes on the side project dashboard” month, with combined profits almost $3k higher than any prior month.

The big story is the huge month that Pegasus had, with more than 80% coming in the last week during the Black Friday promotion.


November 2020 Time

Time breakdown for November 2020

Another solid month of work mostly on Pegasus (includes some contract work) and exploration.

OKR Check In

Project Objective Key Result(s) Status
Financial Achieve financial independence through passive income $4,500 average monthly profit $5600

My financial OKR is finally looking promising!

Looking Ahead

I’ve now got two competing “north stars”—achieving financial independence through my personal projects, and figuring out a way to do something meaningful with my life. Thankfully, they are complimentary as passive income frees up my time and provides money for meaning.

Getting to financial independence

This month has made one thing clear to me, and that’s that Pegasus still has huge untapped potential. So, rather than let shiny object syndrome distract me, I’m going to continue focusing on making Pegasus better, helping my customers, and spreading the word.

I’ve got a lot of things I’m excited to work on, and have that “there’s not enough time in the day” feeling that comes when you’re deeply focused on a project. It’s great.

The search for meaning

This one remains elusive. However, I’ve adopted the same long-term perspective that I have with my passive-income projects, which means I’m no longer in a hurry.

If it ends up taking me 5 years to get to financial independence, then another 5 to find meaning, that still leaves me with a lot of time to make an impact.

In the meantime I plan to continue exposing myself to meaning-adjacent projects and people, as well as developing skills like writing and new technologies.

So yeah, basically what I’ve already been doing, but hopefully with more intentionality.

This Month’s Goals

There are a couple things I plan to do concretely this month, though the bulk of my time will likely be spent on not-yet-determined Pegasus work.

But, for the sake of having something to say next month here’s some goals:

  • At least one substantial Pegasus release
  • Publish my “Black Friday” writeup
  • Talk to 3 people in the effective altruism community


A few things I’ve enjoyed recently: