December 2021 Retrospective

This is a super-abbreviated retro. I have tons to say, but I’m just coming back from vacation and am way behind on basically everything, so am rushing this out and will say more in the future.


Last Month’s Profit

Pretty funny to simultaneously be down more than 60% and have my second best month ever. Goes to show just how crazy last month was.

Project Profit Monthly Change
SaaS Pegasus $9405.30 -69.91%
Place Card Me $2590.28 16.19%
Chat Stats $188.20 33.33%
Total $12183.78 -63.76%

Pegasus profits this month are inflated by the fact that the Black Friday sale was still running on the first of the month. If you take out that day, profits go down by almost 50%.

Place card profits are also up a lot on the month due to seasonality.

That means this month will likely be ugly! Oh well…

Last Month’s Goals

# Goal Grade
1 Ship a substantial Pegasus release A
2 Reflect on what I want out of 2022 C

Ship a substantial Pegasus release: A

I shipped Pegasus version 0.20 two days before Christmas—adding per-seat billing, and a large amount of supporting infrastructure for future billing-related changes.

I barely announced the release, because I was worried about a support spike over the holidays (which thankfully never came). The good news is that I now have one more thing to promote in the New Year, and am feeling less pressure to do a big release in January.

Reflect on what I want out of 2022: C

I usually take time in December to write my annual year-in-review and plan for the coming year. This year, that plan got completely de-railed by the Covid essay.

That said, the essay feels somehow core to my year—and possibly next—in ways that hopefully will become more clear once I do my year-in-review. In short, 2021 felt incomplete for as long as I hadn’t managed to “come clean”. More on this soon.

And yes, for those of you who have been reading my retros—Project Griffin is very much related to all of this.


December 2021 Time

Time breakdown for December 2021

It was a shortened month due to holiday time, with my main efforts split between Pegasus (including some consulting) and “exploration”, a.k.a. “Project Griffin”, a.k.a. “Covid stuff”.

This Month’s Goals

Just one, but it’s a pretty big one:

  1. Publish my year in review. And in the process, figure out what the heck 2022 has in store for me!

See you soon.

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