Week 9 Retrospective

It’s possible I’m not built for 40-hour weeks: Full speed and feeling good

I’m feeling good!

It might be that I didn’t start my working day till noon today because I went climbing up Table Mountain this morning.

Or more likely, it’s probably because I had 50 new recommends/follows on Medium when I opened my laptop, after Hacker Noon published my Google Ads post last night. It’s kind of magical putting something out into the world and then having random people engage with it. It’s a bit narcissistic, but it’s also totally addictive, and super fun to be making things people like.

Goal Report Card

# Goal Grade
1 Figure out the next placecard steps A
2 Ship a blog A
3 Figure out incorporation stuff A-
4 Ship a chrome extension A-
5 Seriously explore next project D


  1. Working on putting the pieces together for my monetization test and think it’s on track. Based on interaction so far since I put up (fake) prices on placecard.me I’m not necessarily optimistic how it’s going to go.
  2. Google ads blog went out and is already my most popular piece of writing.
  3. Decided to bite the bullet and setup a real company for myself. Am now just waiting for paperwork to process.
  4. Finished a chrome extension but it’s being rejected from the store. Need to sort out why.
  5. Still struggling on this one. Placecards still has enough momentum to take most of my time, and the Chrome stuff took most of the rest of it.


Week 9 time breakdown

Week 9 time breakdown

Almost 50 hours of “work” time this week.

I attribute this mainly to two things:

  1. My wife being out of town and having less to do outside of work.
  2. Continuing to be having tons of fun with most of what I’m doing.

This number is a bit high—and something I want to keep an eye on—though not something I’m worried about for the time being. Until work feels like work or I stop doing things outside of it, I’m happy to spend as much time doing it as feels natural.

It’s possible I’m not built for 40-hour weeks.


It was a great week for life too.

The three highlights were:

  1. Participating in the FNB Cape Town One Run
  2. A super fun scramble up Woody Buttress this morning
  3. My wife returning, and taking a beautiful sunset stroll up Lion’s Head together :)

The photo in the banner comes from number 3. As does this week’s instagram:

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