He's Here!

Week 84 Retrospective

Welcome Lockwood Daniel Zue to the world!

Lockwood Black and White

Lockwood was born just after midnight on October 25th, coming in at 3.65kg (8 pounds for the Americans). Thus far his hobbies include eating, sleeping and crying—though really only the sleeping makes for decent photographic evidence.

Lockwood Conk

This guy parties.

Ro did amazing during the delivery, and so far mom and dad are taking reasonably well to parenting. It’s been both easier and harder than I expected in different ways that I can’t quite articulate yet.

Family Photo

Our first ever family photo.

Mostly I’ve been doing a whole lot of this type of thing since he arrived, and don’t yet know when I’ll be back to work or writing—or what type of work and writing I’ll want to do when I come out the other side.

Me & Lock

My new job.

That’s it for now!

I’ll be back… sometime. ❤

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