Week 8 Retrospective

I was kind of all over the place this week.

I think it’s a product of two things:

  1. Having traffic running through placecard.me was really distracting. Every time someone made placecards I would go see how they were using it and then compose a follow-up email. This kept interrupting me from flow and getting me sidetracked.
  2. I’m in this stage where I’m looking to find my next area of focus - and I’m not quite sure what that is yet. It’s very easy to get distracted doing this open-ended “exploration” process.

Still, it was a good week of learning, including getting a better understanding of the internet advertising landscape, starting to figure out the logistics of registering a business (so I can actually charge people), the differences between LLC’s and C-Corps, and taking my first foray into the world of video creation/editing/publishing.

More details below.

Goal Report Card

# Goal Grade
1 Run advertising test on placecards, post in a few places A
2 Ship idea validation. Draft something else. B
3 Establish direction for next few weeks B
4 More serious exploration of new projects B+


  1. Done and done. Getting some good data points from advertising already.
  2. Finally posted my first post on idea validation. Have a bunch of haphazard writing for part 2, but it’s a mess.
  3. Trying to think a little longer term, it’s been a bit of a struggle.
  4. Have been cranking out ideas and exploring a few things a bit more strategically.


Week 8 time breakdown

Week 8 time breakdown

I’m pretty disappointed with my output from nine hours on writing. I just couldn’t quite figure out how to frame idea validation in a way that I felt was succinct and engaging. I probably should have just shipped something and moved on instead of trying to split it apart and make it more interesting.

It’s also a lot of Dimagi time, though a lot of that was just catching up with colleagues and a lot of it was learning video recording and editing software for the first time. There was also a small amount of paid work I was doing (first dollars earned during sabbatical).


I’m 35! Or as my wife puts it, “now closer to 40 than 30”.

I celebrated by doing a moonrise hike up Lion’s head and caught some stunning views of the city. My Pixel actually did better than I expected capturing the scene:

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