Week 66 Retrospective

Week 66 time breakdown

Week 66 time breakdown

Last week

36 hours of sponsored work last week! Not a record, but notable in that it feels like it might be a new normal.

I’ve noticed that—for what feels like the first time in a long time—I feel busy. Like at the beginning of every day I have a list of stuff I really want to get to and at the end I’m often disappointed by what I haven’t accomplished.

So far being busy has been fine—good even—and different from it’s scarier cousin: stress. However, I am trying to be closely aware of that feeling in case stress starts to rear it’s ugly head.

The week ahead

Continuing to plan for an 80/20 split between sponsored and non-sponsored work, though last week that 20 just kind of evaporated into support and emails, so I didn’t get to any writing or proactive work.

Maybe I’ll do better this week?


Finally went public on social media (and now here) with the news that we’re expecting. Life’s gonna get a lot more complicated soon!

bought a car seat today. already putting it to good use.

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