This is Barely a Retrospective

Week 65 Retrospective

I’ve had ups and downs with this whole retro process over the last few months. Sometimes it feels really useful. Sometimes it feels like a waste of time. In the back of my head I keep wondering whether I should stop it or change it up.

For now, I’ve decided that for the sake of continuity I’ll keep doing this, but I’m going to be okay writing quick non-retrospectives if I don’t feel like there is anything significant to say (or if I want to save my broader thoughts for a more “polished” piece of writing).

Last week

Last week was super normal! About 80% of a 40-hour week spent working for others and 20% on my own stuff.

Week 65 time breakdown

Week 65 time breakdown

I ended up being able to make a big push of actually monetizing the free tier for place cards which I’ll write about soon. I’m two weeks early on hitting my solopreneur goals for the month, which means I can spend the rest of the month on other things!

The week ahead

Continuing to plan for about an 80/20 split between sponsored and non-sponsored work. The latter bucket I think will go towards writing a larger update on Place Card Me and maybe a Build with Django check in if I’m feeling really frisky…