Ebbs and flows

Week 62 Retrospective

Last week felt like the closest thing to a “normal” week that I’ve had in a long time. I did a bunch of what felt like good work and even published a blog!

Speaking of the blog—as stated there, last week also marked a possible/hopeful shift from my previous period of somewhat cushy / coasting life. I still have no idea whether this “attitude adjustment” plan will actually work, but at least for the time being I feel energized, focused, and ready to try my ass off on things. Hopefully that lasts.

Am I happy with how I spent my time?


Week 62 time breakdown

Week 62 time breakdown

Good number of hours and good mix of different things. Also, it always feels good to (finally) ship a piece of writing. The writing process also helped clarify a lot of my meandering thinking and planning which was high-value time spent.

What’s up next?

Unfortunately for my new-found motivation, I think this week is going to be quite busy and full of outside-of-work commitments. For that reason I don’t plan to be particularly proactive on any of my self-driven projects, but I do want to use what time I have to continue to do my best work for others.

Next week should be back to the grind and productivity. Am looking forward to diving in again.


We got a drone!

Actually, technically we’ve had a drone since February, but we had no way to charge the batteries and therefore no way to actually use it.

Our new battery charger finally arrived all the way from China (thank you Ali Express) and—much to my surprise and delight—actually worked!

Here’s our very first photo:

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