Week 6 Retrospective

This week was singularly focused on placecards and it was quite fun.

I expect the coming week to be more of the same, at the end of which I’ll hopefully be at a good point to start thinking about other things again.

Goal Report Card

# Goal Grade
1 Ship placecard MVP C
2 Ship placecard blog 1 (and 2?) A+
3 Talk to at least one or two brides A


  1. I fell into the classic software estimation trap last week and the MVP is just taking a little longer than I’d hoped. It’s close, but not shipped.
  2. Three blogs this week, the pitch, the teardown, and a combined post of both on Hacker Noon.
  3. Had my first conversations with actual brides-to-be (thanks Katie and Richelle!). Both were very useful and I need to do more of these.


Week 6 time breakdown

Week 6 time breakdown

I slightly missed my goal of 25 hours on products, though if you count the writing time (which was all placecard-related) then I crushed it.

I worked more this week because I was having fun! Good problems to have.


This week’s hike was the Mowbray Ridge / Knife’s Edge route up Devil’s peak.

It’s a fantastic route to the top of Devil’s peak, the highlight of which is a traverse across a narrow ridge (the Knife’s Edge) with a completely vertical dropoff on one side, and a not-much-nicer slope to the other.

The drops are hard to capture on camera, so I had to make up for it with my facial expressions.

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