Doing the bull dance, feeling the flow

Week 57 Retrospective

It was a good week! So much so that I almost feel like celebrating

Bull Dance

You can tell how old I am by all my dated pop-culture references.

Why so happy?

It’s no single thing but rather a bunch of things that all are adding up to a positive, optimistic outlook.

In no particular order:

  1. I made another $10 sale of chat stats from a new user, which implies that there is at least some amount of real, reproducible passive income from it.
  2. Place Card Me appears back on the upswing, and is projected to have its best month since December.
  3. I started writing again. I suspect it might be a few weeks before I publish, but just drafting something felt good.
  4. I spent almost 8 hours playing around outside (including getting in the water twice).
  5. Everything outside of my own projects seems to be going well.
  6. Some other good stuff in my personal life that I’m only going to vaguely reference here.

It’s a rare treat when you can look back on a week and have very little to complain about! And when that does happen, it’s nice to be able to take a moment to reflect on it and appreciate it for what it is. I know things won’t always feel like this so I’m happy to have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate it for a moment.

Am I happy with how I spent my time?


Week 57 time breakdown

Week 57 time breakdown

Even with all the minor victories this week, I still spent the majority of the week on Dimagi and consulting work. My big self-driven push was on writing, and I’m happy to have made it.

What’s up next?

With the second sale, I’ve decided to keep putting some effort and love into chat stats:

  1. The “pro upgrade” that I’ve now sold three of includes a daily auto-refresh feature. Problem? That feature doesn’t exist. I’ve been setting myself a calendar reminder to go and refresh all the paid chats each morning. So I’m going to build that.
  2. I’d like to add one more new feature to the pro tier—to give people who are using it for free an additional incentive to upgrade. I have a good sense of what I want that feature to be and have already started playing around with it.

Apart from that my main focus will be revising the piece of writing I drafted.

I’m also flying to India this week, where I’ll be mostly heads down on Dimagi work. So feeling some time-pressure to get to those things before my schedule gets eaten up.

Other notes

Regular readers of these retros (hi Rowena! hi Will!) might notice that I flipped the title and subtitle this week. I did this to make it easier to find (future) posts from the index page on the blog and to see if it has any impact on my Medium numbers.

Also, I mentioned last week about trying to be more deliberate about what to work on, and I didn’t make too much progress on that. In the short term I’ve decided to work on Chat Stats and writing because I’m finding it fun and I think there can be some momentum there. Seems fine for now? ¯_(ツ)_/¯