Week 49 Retrospective

Another disappointing week: is it expectations or execution?


Week 49 time breakdown

Week 49 time breakdown

Time from the last two weeks (which was basically just one week because I was on vacation last week). Only about 8 hours of non-sponsored, proactive time so it was another relatively short one. The largest share went to working on my next (first) blog for Build with Django.

The ongoing theme of the month is that I’m not accomplishing much outside of my salaried and freelance commitments. Am thinking this might be a more long term problem with my current priorities / set of projects / way of working, and am using my idle, back-of-mind brainspace to try and figure out if there’s something I can to do improve things. I still have the sinking feeling that something about the current situation is not quite working and I need to figure out whether it’s an expectations problem or an execution one.

Goal Report Card

Still on track to wildly miss most of these goals, unfortunately.

Build With Django

Overall status: 40% complete

  • Create two additional content pieces I can publish/promote

Have a blog on progress bars drafted. Hopefully can get it out this week though will be close. Might just cheat and release an old screencast I made for the second one.

Place Card Me

Overall status: 50% done

  • Revision on font options and look into font resizing
  • Create 5 new designs
  • Do a spike on moving text around
  • Post to Product Hunt

No updates since last time.

Passion Project(s)

Overall status: 80%

  • Continue trying to make capetowndrought.com the best resource out there for drought information
  • Explore (and start?) a Dimagi passion project

Drought is getting deprioritized (partly because I’m not in South Africa and partly because the situation in Cape Town is improving).

Dimagi passion project just getting off the ground.

B2C SaaS (if time)

Overall status: Not started

  • Make chat stats more awesome
  • Consider setting up a pricing test

Continuing to see modest traffic on this, but doubt I’ll do anything about it this month.


Main focus for this week:

  1. Ship the progress bar blog

That’s it! Everything else is going to be sponsored time (and I think it’s going to be another busy week). Hopefully keeping this list focused will help me actually hit the goal.


Was on vacation with my family last week which was great.