Week 47 Retrospective

When life gets in the way of your plans (continued)


Week 47 time breakdown

Week 47 time breakdown

Another extremely abbreviated week with travel, applying for a visa, and time off sucking up the vast majority of my available proactive time.

My only substantial accomplishment was to add a highly-requested feature to Place Card Me—the ability to change font sizes. I’ve got a pretty clear vision for the medium term product roadmap, and so have been able to roll out this change while also doing some cleanup to get the code towards where I want to eventually get it to.

This process of cleaning up code without changing functionality to get it to a state where it will be easier to make a certain change afterwards is something a Dimagi colleague of mine coined as “prefactoring”, and it’s one of my favorite things to do when adding things to legacy code.

Goal Report Card

Update on my February goals and progress towards them, broken down by area.

Overall I think I probably substantially overestimated my ability to get things done in February where travel, time off, and other factors are going to eat heavily into my non-paid time.

It’s going to be an ugly month!

Build With Django

Overall status: 5% complete

  • Create two additional content pieces I can publish/promote

Probably the first one will just be a writeup about progress bars. But I haven’t started it.

Place Card Me

Overall status: 50% done

  • Revision on font options and look into font resizing
  • Create 5 new designs
  • Do a spike on moving text around
  • Post to Product Hunt

Main effort this week went here. First bullet is done and have added 3 Valentine’s Day designs.

Passion Project(s)

Overall status: Not started

  • Continue trying to make capetowndrought.com the best resource out there for drought information
  • Explore (and start?) a Dimagi passion project

I’m worried about the drought project. Now that I’m not in the country I can tell that the crisis feels farther away and so I’m less invested in working on it and keeping up to date on the latest news.

B2C SaaS (if time)

Overall status: Not started

  • Make chat stats more awesome
  • Consider setting up a pricing test

Fixed a couple bugs that have come up, but haven’t done any proactive work on this project in ages.


Main focus for next week—another short one:

  1. Actually start drafting some content for build with django
  2. A few more place card backlog items


It’s been a fun and busy week outside of work! I applied for a visa in LA and caught up with friends, went to Vegas for the weekend and am now hanging out in SF for the week.

I’m having a fair amount of reverse culture shock coming back to the States for the first time in ages. Also wallet shock. But it’s nice to see friends and family that I haven’t seen in ages.

I found a little slice (literally) of home in LA.

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