Week 46 Retrospective

When life gets in the way of your plans


Week 46 time breakdown

Week 46 time breakdown

Overall a pretty disappointing week.

A huge amount of time this week went to two annoying personal admin tasks:

  1. Finalizing a visa application
  2. Making preparations for if/when the water in Cape Town shuts off

Between these things and my paid work (and the associated switching costs) it was hard to get anything else productive done.

The one thing I did manage to get to was my monthly Place Card Me review. It was an ugly month for the site, including:

  • the lowest revenue since October, coming in around $285 for the month
  • a huge drop in sales conversion rates, possibly as a result of raising prices too high, or possibly for seasonal reasons

Place Card Dashboard

I dropped prices back down to their December levels in hopes that it will increase the conversion rate back up to what it was in November/December of 2017.

Sadly, I think my joyous days of low-effort organic growth have come to a close, and I’m going to actually put in some more effort—especially on the marketing side—if I want to continue growing my revenue.

Goal Report Card

Moving past the disappointing week, it’s a new month with new goals!

I plan to continue to make Build With Django the main focus of my self-directed efforts this month, with my short-term goal being to just create quality content on the site and see if I can get some traction.

I’ve also completely dropped the idea of working on a B2B SaaS for the time being, in hopes that it creates more time and headspace for other projects.

Here’s my complete set of February goals:

Project / Area Goal
Build With Django Create two additional content pieces I can publish/promote
Place Card Me Revision on font options and look into font resizing
Create 5 new designs
Do a spike on moving text around
Post to Product Hunt
Passion Project Continue trying to make capetowndrought.com the best resource out there for drought information
Explore (and start?) a Dimagi passion project
B2C SaaS (if time) Make chat stats more awesome
Consider setting up a pricing test

Thus far I’ve only really made any progress on the place card goals and I’m already wondering whether these are too ambitious.


Next week will also be shortened with travel and applying for my visa.

If I find the time I’d also like to:

  1. Figure out the topic of the next thing I’m going to put on Build with Django
  2. Tackle some place card backlog items
  3. Send out a newsletter/update on what I’ve been up to so that my tiny little audience doesn’t forget about me


I’m currently writing this 30,000 feet above northwest Russia on my way to Los Angeles. I’ll be stateside for the next 5 weeks and hitting up six different cities over that time.

It’s going to be a busy month!