Week 44 Retrospective

Save Water


Week 44 time breakdown

Week 44 time breakdown

Back over 40 finally with a nice distribution of different things.

Main efforts went towards:

  1. Finishing an initial landing page for Build With Django, which I will almost certainly completely redo after getting some feedback.
  2. Getting a small Celery and Django Progress Bar library I wrote for chat stats ready for open-sourcing and initial promotion.
  3. Spending some time improving and promoting the Cape Town Drought Dashboard.

I’ve continued to grapple with the elusive quest for meaning this week.

For now, the drought project feels like a good place for me to invest my time towards a (moderately) higher purpose. I came to that conclusion after deciding that I might be in a unique position—in terms of skills, knowledge, and physical location—to create the best resource on the drought out there. And if that’s true, then don’t I have to do that? I imagine that every liter saved as a result of something I’m able to do is a net good thing for the people of Cape Town.

Reducing water consumption in the Western Cape isn’t as lofty as Elon’s “making us a multi-planetary species” and “getting to fully renewable energy”, but I figure that for as long as I’ve got a solo/bootstrapper mentality I should start small. The drought may not be the right long-term project, but I think it’s an okay “right now” project.

Goal Report Card

Update on my January goals and progress towards them, broken down by area.

Info Product

Overall status: 80% complete

  • Nail down what the topic would be
  • Make a landing page for it
  • Ship a blog post on the topic

Like I mentioned, Build With Django is now live though likely going to change a lot. My first “blog” is going to be the open-source release of celery-progress.

B2B SaaS

Overall status: Not started

  • Come up with at least three B2B SaaS ideas
  • Do a market/viability assessment of each of them

Will almost certainly fail this goal in spectacular fashion.

B2C SaaS

Overall status: Not started

  • Formulate a plan to test whether Chat Stats has any revenue potential

Still hoping to do some work on chat stats but time is running out…

Place Card Me

Overall status: Done

  • Look at pricing/analytics data for January and adjust prices based on it
  • Start collecting data to drive the product roadmap.

Passion Project(s)

Overall status: Done!

  • Start figuring out what I might want to do (first) for reasons that aren’t financially driven

The renewed focus on the drought website is currently scratching this itch and I think will keep me motivated until further inspiration strikes.


Main focus for next week:

  1. Launch celery-progress and Build With Django.
  2. Keep improving and promoting capetowndrought.com.
  3. Treat myself to doing some fun stuff with chat stats (repeat)


Three weeks straight of new routes up Table Mountain! This week was Left Face Mystery B, a very fun route right up the front of the mountain.

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