Week 43 Retrospective

The Sickening

Welp, my week was kind of derailed by some sort of freak stomach virus / food poisoning incident left me mostly incapacitated for 24 hours—and only marginally productive for another day.


Week 43 time breakdown

Week 43 time breakdown

A light week due to the sickening, clocking in around 35 work hours with about 10 hours of non-sponsored time.

Main efforts went towards:

  1. Finalizing my Indie Hackers interview, which sadly launched the day I got knocked out.
  2. Working on a landing page for my Django info-product, and attempting to nail down what it is in the process.
  3. Thinking about my purpose

Point 3 has me feeling a bit confused.

I just finished reading Sapiens and am now about half way through a biography of Elon Musk, and the combination kind of has me reeling. My little experiments with place cards and passive income feel pretty silly and small in the context of human history and changing the world like Elon.

I haven’t really figured out what that means for me yet, but I’ve added “passion project” to my high-level goals, because I’d like to be able to try and make a dent in the universe that’s not tied to money.

Goal Report Card

Update on my January goals and progress towards them, broken down by area.

Info Product

Overall status: 65% complete

  • Nail down what the topic would be
  • Make a landing page for it
  • Ship a blog post on the topic

I’ve got a basic landing page up (only locally right now) that mostly covers the first two points.

I also think I know what the first blog will be about.

B2B SaaS

Overall status: Not started

  • Come up with at least three B2B SaaS ideas
  • Do a market/viability assessment of each of them

This is looking grim. I just haven’t been able to find any B2B problems I feel good about trying to tackle. It’s a crowded market out there.

B2C SaaS

Overall status: Not started

  • Formulate a plan to test whether Chat Stats has any revenue potential

I might pivot this goal into just making Chat Stats more awesome to me this month.

Place Card Me

Overall status: Done

  • Look at pricing/analytics data for January and adjust prices based on it
  • Start collecting data to drive the product roadmap.

Passion Project(s)

Overall status: New!

  • Start figuring out what I might want to do (first) for reasons that aren’t financially driven

I’m still wrestling with this one. I suspect it will occupy some back corner of my mind for a while until (hopefully) inspiration strikes. In the meantime I’ll probably just start with things that I want to see exist in the world, regardless of whether I think they are “important”.


Main focus for next week:

  1. Have the landing page for the Django thing up and try to get some feedback on it
  2. Treat myself to doing some fun stuff with chat stats


Thankfully, despite the sickness I managed to squeeze a lot of good stuff into the week. Did two hikes, over the weekend—including a fun new route called Blind Gully—and also snuck in a trip to the winelands and two jam nights.

The paragliders were out on Lion’s Head yesterday.

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