Week 42 Retrospective

Mapping out my January


Week 42 time breakdown

Week 42 time breakdown

Was a light but productive 34-hour week once you subtract physical/mental health.

My main efforts went towards:

  1. Coming up with and writing down my 2018 and January goals
  2. Execution on the Place Card Me goals.
  3. Strategizing around what info-product I would make if I went that direction.

I was able to make what felt like a good amount of progress towards my January goals! I attribute this mostly to external work being quiet and not spending hardly any time on freelancing.

Goal Report Card

Here are my January goals and progress towards them, broken down by area.

Info Product

Overall status: 50% complete

  • Nail down what the topic would be
  • Make a landing page for it
  • Ship a blog post on the topic

I’m zooming in on the topic, which will be something in the software educational space, almost certainly involving Django and my SaaS knowledge, and potentially React as well.

I’ve also got a landing page that I started on last year that I need to do a revamp on once the topic gets nailed down.

No progress on the blog post other than brainstorming a list of possible topics.

B2B SaaS

Overall status: Not started

  • Come up with at least three B2B SaaS ideas
  • Do a market/viability assessment of each of them

B2C SaaS

Overall status: Not started

  • Formulate a plan to test whether Chat Stats has any revenue potential

Place Card Me

Overall status: Done!

  • Look at pricing/analytics data for January and adjust prices based on it
  • Start collecting data to drive the product roadmap.

This was the main focus this week. I may add more January goals here since it seems these might have been too easy.


Main focus for next week:

  1. Sorting out my high-level plans for this Django info product
  2. Ship an official Indie Hackers interview for Place Card Me
  3. Think about Chat Stats monetization a bit more (time permitting)


On Saturday I did the most exhilarating hike I’ve ever done in my life: Kloof Corner ridge up Table Mountain.

This hike is not for the faint-of-heart, head or body. Serious climbing pitches, long chains you have to pull yourself up, and terrifying exposure in places. I was very glad to be in the company of many experienced hikers who had done the route many times.

The reward was a remarkable experience with some pretty killer views.

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