Week 4 Retrospective

I wrote up a bit more thoughts in my month one retro so just focusing on the goals, time and life updates here.


# Goal Grade
1 Launch something! A-
2 Send mailchimp to the world B-
3 Actual market validation of placecards (talk to at least 10 people) A-
4 Evaluate other ideas and narrow focus on one or two B+

Comments on the above grades

  1. I shipped a v1 of my place card landing page.
  2. Posted in a few relevant places, but after about an hour of poking around kind of gave up. I should probably be more proactive about getting it out there - have added taking another pass on this to this week’s goals.
  3. I’ve done a lot here. This is the subject of an upcoming post.
  4. I’ve decided to pursue commit stats, although I can’t claim to really have evaluated anything else. Just following my gut/momentum.


Week 4 time breakdown

Week 4 time breakdown

Time is continuing to look good! The only anomaly this week is the 6 hours of “Dimagi” time - a category I created to track anything related to Dimagi (the company I’m on sabbatical from). This time was mostly preparing and giving a guest lecture at the University of Cape Town on ICT4D which was a lot of fun.

Other than that I was able to achieve my goal of narrowing focus on product ideas, with 16 hours on place cards and another 6 on commit stats. I’d like to keep the focused product time above 20 hours for the next few weeks.


This weekend was for hiking.

The highlight was a trip to Boomslang Cave - a massive cavern in the hills overlooking Kalk Bay. The hike has a bit of everything - fantastic views, a bit of rock scrambling, and a lot of spelunking! This might be my new favorite short hike in the area - an experience I think rivals Lion’s Head in it’s quality and uniqueness.

Here’s an instagram showing the cave exit - a 20 meter crawl on your hands and knees!

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Till next week!