Week 37 Retrospective

That Back to School Feeling

It’s funny the impact vacations can have on momentum and productivity.

I took about two days off last week and another two days this week, which I thought would just reduce my overall output by 40%, but attempting to compress a week’s worth of work into three days felt more like not having time to do anything at all.

The time off was excellent—and I wouldn’t trade it for anything work-related.

Still, I’m oddly looking forward to returning to more of a normal schedule and (hopefully) cranking up the productivity for a few more weeks before heading into the New Year.

Place Card Stats

I knew from Google that Thanksgiving was going to be a high time for place card traffic, but I was still happily surprised by how the site did over the last two weeks!

Thanksgiving week in particular, smashed weekly records with almost $130 in revenue. Last week was closer to what I’ve been seeing in past weeks (though still a bump) with just under $80.

November rounded out just under $300 in revenue, and the trendline still looks good!

Place Card Dashboard

Goal Report Card

Another pretty bad week goal-wise. I attribute my poor grades mostly to not properly calibrating how little I’m able to get done on shortened weeks.

# Project / Area Goal Grade
1 Place cards More holiday card designs A
2 Writing Revised draft of part 2 of “the long road” F
3 Generate Revenue Launch findwine A
4 Generate Revenue Continue pushing / working on other freelancing engagements C
5 Dimagi Make real progress on priority stuff B


  1. Continuing to add seasonal designs, which are continuing to sell. Focusing on winter/Chistmas/holidays for the next few weeks.
  2. Writing has fallen off a cliff. Really hoping to make a concerted push this week and something out there.
  3. One of my freelance projects launched last week! It’s called FindWine, and We’re hoping to make the best possible experience for finding South African wines. Now comes the hard part of marketing/promoting it.
  4. Apart from findwine things have stalled out due to lack of available time.
  5. Still adjusting to how slow some things can be when you have large teams and infrastructure to deal with.


Showing two weeks of time here since I skipped the retro last week. The numbers still add up to fewer than 70 hours total (and about 55 hours once you take out the “physical/mental health” category). Most of that time went to Dimagi and contract work as I tried to maintain my external commitments. My writing and sabbatical projects got short-changed in the process.

Week 35 time breakdown

Week 36 and 37 time breakdown


Had a great time in Portugal and spent the weekend in Franschhoek drinking wine and exploring the hills.

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