Week 34 Retrospective

Rhythm Found?

After a couple weeks of feeling a little disorganized/distracted with everything going on, I’ve made my way back to the land of happy direction and productivity. Hooray!

Personal projects went really well this week, as did my sponsored work. Let’s dive in.

Place Card Stats

28 sales and $53 in revenue—both record-setting numbers by a decent margin!

Place Card Dashboard

So far—still largely in the under $3 range—price sensitivity does not seem to be a significant factor in sales.

I had thought it would take a few months to get to $200 in monthly revenue, but if sales keep up at this rate it might end up being a lot faster…

Goal Report Card

Back to good grades!

# Project / Area Goal Grade
1 Place cards 3 card designs, ship blog, product effort A-
2 Writing Publish part 1 of “the long road” A
3 Make/Ship Stuff Promote Mailchimp tools A
4 Generate Revenue Continue pushing / working on freelancing engagements A
5 Dimagi Get reoriented on high-level goals and then execute A-


  1. Added four seasonal designs, failed to ship the blog, did fix some bugs and worked on a few small feature requests that came in.
  2. Shipped! Also it did quite well on both Hacker Noon and Indie Hackers.
  3. Got Chimp List Helper back on Product Hunt. It had a decent showing, though didn’t do much to move the needle on my real goal which was to get more followers on PH. Oh well.
  4. Back in the green.
  5. Spent some time thinking through my time allocation within my Dimagi work and running it by a few people at the company. The result is that I feel much better about my charge and direction now and have found the exercise helped add a lot of focus to my work. I also adjusted my time logging so that I can track these Dimagi buckets independent of each other.


Overall, a nice allocation of about 33 hours for others and 14 hours for myself (not counting physical/mental health and day-to-day life stuff).

Week 34 time breakdown

Week 34 time breakdown

Moving forwards I’ll be hoping to see less Dimagi time in the “overhead” and “support” buckets but this week was a necessary transition period.


Had my best overall day of surfing in my short career this Saturday. I finally feel somewhat comfortable going out to the line and going after the same waves as everyone else—at least on small days.

This week’s Instagram sponsored by my Stranger Things kick.