Week 32 Retrospective

Struggling with Juggling

I can’t quite explain it, but it felt a bit like I lacked focus this week. On the surface of things, everything went smooth/fine, and yet I have this nagging feeling that I could be doing better.

I wonder if this is a potential artifact of overextending myself.

Between Dimagi, freelancing, place cards, writing, and new stuff I’m finding it a bit hard to keep up with everything effectively and then everything feels like it suffers as a result. At the moment I’m not taking any major course-corrections, but it’s something I’ll try and keep my eye on for the next few weeks. If it keeps up I might have to drop some things.

Place Card Stats

$30 in revenue—another weekly high—and passed $100 all time!

The big surprising moment for me was selling my first $5 template (which I had basically forgotten were even still on the site). The fact that I now know that’s possible gives me a lot more confidence for experimenting with prices more soon.

Place Card Dashboard

I’m now pursuing two plans in parallel:

  1. Figure out how much I can get from the current revenue model (essentially growing the top of funnel and raising prices)
  2. Figure out what my next revenue stream will be

For (2) the most promising things I’ve come up with are either creating a revenue stream for printed cards or figuring out a way to monetize the free tier. Between those, I’ve decided to start with printed cards because I want to keep my free tier awesome so Google continues to think my site is helping lots of people (which ideally feeds back in to (1)).

Goal Report Card

Back to pretty mixed grades this week as per the opening.

# Project / Area Goal Grade
1 Place cards 1 hour strategy thinking and 2+ hours strategy execution, 3 designs A-
2 Writing Come up with a new topic and draft something if one found F
3 Make/Ship Stuff Ship Chat Stats? F
4 Generate Revenue Continue pushing / working on freelancing engagements A
5 Dimagi Continued smooth re-entry. Provide good value to the organization without getting consumed by it B+


  1. Realized I had been kind of grinding on a treadmill with place cards recently so decided to pop up and do some high-level thinking/planning on next steps, which resulted in the two plans above. I’m now running an experiment on the site to test demand for printed cards, and early data suggests it’s quite promising. Only made two designs so dinged myself a half grade.
  2. Didn’t come up with anything to write about. Also didn’t try as hard as I should have.
  3. Totally failed to make much progress on chat stats. The last 10% is killing me.
  4. All good.
  5. Feeling like I could be doing a better job being more strategic/efficient with my Dimagi time. Just haven’t been able to get into anything meaty yet and as a result feel like I’m not being as effective as I could be.


Another high-ish week, but my wife’s back in town now so expect / hope that to go back down moving forwards.

A bit more time than usual on place cards, but I think that was a good investment to chart out my next high-level steps.

Week 32 time breakdown

Week 32 time breakdown


We moved this weekend! About ten feet into the apartment literally next door to our current apartment.

The view is an upgrade.

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