Week 31 Retrospective


Last week I wrote this about my return to Dimagi:

I’m not totally sure whether this is going to end up feeling like a huge change in my life or just a slight tweak on the rhythm I’ve established in the last 7 months.

It’s only been a week, but so far so good. I was able to successfully juggle Dimagi like a (big) freelancing engagement last week without getting too sucked in and still had lots of time and headspace for other things.

It probably helps that I “worked” an above-average number of hours again last week, so still need to see how things stabilize, but so far I’m feeling optimistic about the “new normal”.

Place Card Stats

Another week, another $22 in revenue. Seeing some interesting small trends in the data and continuing to play with things. Would like to get this number up a bit more before raising prices again and seeing what happens.

Place Card Dashboard

Goal Report Card

Another week of pretty good grades, once again correlated with longer hours.

# Project / Area Goal Grade
1 Place cards 3 Designs, Start Blog A-
2 Writing Republish “SEO for Developers” on Indie Hackers A
3 Make/Ship Stuff Chat Stats N/A
4 Generate Revenue Continue pushing / working on freelancing engagements A
5 Dimagi Smooth re-entry. Provide good value to the organization without getting consumed by it A


  1. Added three more designs and came very close to setting up the blog.
  2. Published “SEO for Developers” on Indie Hackers and got lots more positive feedback as well as people commenting and telling me things I didn’t know which is quite cool. I heard something on a podcast that resonated with me this week: “all good writing is either emotional or useful”. I think this one falls squarely into the “useful” category.
  3. I didn’t launch chat stats but I did end up launching something else: Cape Town’s Water Crisis. Was a project that came out of a hackathon for good I attended on Thursday, and it’s been super fun to work with people on it and get some small community/momentum around the project.
  4. All good.
  5. All good, see the top.


Another high-hour week, though still feeling good. Place cards didn’t even make the top 6! Most of my non-paid time went into the drought site.

Week 31 time breakdown

Week 31 time breakdown


Caught these remarkable clouds over Lion’s Head on Wednesday. It was much better in person.

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