Week 30 Retrospective

The Sabbatical is Over!

Back To School

Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that I’m not a fool… (source)

The sabbatical is over!

Okay, not exactly, but today is my very first day being back at Dimagi part time in my new role. Which feels like a big deal.

I’m not totally sure whether this is going to end up feeling like a huge change in my life or just a slight tweak on the rhythm I’ve established in the last 7 months. Hoping it’s the latter, but time will tell.

Either way, it should be an interesting week.

Place Card Stats

Another record week with 16 sales and just under $22 in revenue. This week I experimented by making the two free designs now cost $1 and ~doubling the prices of all the other designs (to $1.95). Thus far I would call the experiment a success, as sales actually went up! Planning on leaving prices here for a bit to try and establish a new norm before tweaking (aka raising) again.

Place Card Dashboard

Goal Report Card

I think this might be my very first set of straight A’s since college.

# Project / Area Goal Grade
1 Place cards 3 Designs, Double prices + ditch free templates A
2 Writing Spend 4 hours on anything A
3 Make/Ship Stuff Chat Stats A-
4 Generate Revenue Continue pushing / working on freelancing engagements A


  1. Added three more designs and made the pricing changes I mentioned above. Also cleaned up some code and introduced a few bugs (that I quickly fixed) in the process.
  2. Wrote and published SEO for Developers, and it’s gotten a decent amount of traction/shares! Also received a few thank yous which is always nice.
  3. I wanted to try and launch one last project before returning to Dimagi. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make it, but I think I got it close enough that I’ll be able to get it over the hump soon.
  4. All good.


Definitely the most I’ve ever worked in a week in the last seven months (almost 60 hours of “work” stuff).

Week 30 time breakdown

Week 30 time breakdown

A few contributing factors:

  1. I think I wanted to test that I’d be able to juggle my new workload without dropping sabbatical stuff before my first week back.
  2. My wife is traveling which meant my social calendar was less busy this weekend.
  3. I had a lot of fun building chat stats.

Will be interesting to see what this looks like next week!


Checked out a new museum in town—the building is quite stunning!