Week 27 Retrospective

Sharks, Whales, and Milestones

I’m writing this from Durban after spending the weekend diving in the Aliwal Shoal.

Just this morning I was swimming along side ragged-tooth sharks, meter-long sting rays, turtles, and a huge school of barracuda. We also saw two humpback whales breaching not more than 10 meters from our boat! What an amazing place.

Place card me also had it’s biggest week of revenue and growth last week, coming in at a whopping $6 for the week (up $2 from last week’s $4). Once again the increasing revenue streak was kept alive by $2 of sales while sleeping on a Sunday night. Not surprisingly, Sundays are a popular time wedding planning!

Place Card Dashboard

There’s actually a bug I need to fix in the dashboard that sometimes counts duplicate payments so the real number is $16.

Like watching a no-hitter, I keep expecting to jinx this trend by talking about it, and I think this is the week it happens. I actually thought about only counting one of the two sales last night towards the week’s sales just to give this coming week a better chance by having $1 to start with. Then I decided that would be a completely ridiculous thing to do.

Goal Report Card

# Project / Area Goal Grade
1 Place cards Revamp Etsy site, 3 more designs, A/B test removing email capture, email rev follow ups A
2 Writing Finalize next post, draft something else, publish if possible. F-
3 Django Submit Pycon talk or drop. A
4 Generate Revenue Continue pushing / working on freelancing engagements A


  1. Etsy is the source of almost 1/3 of my revenue despite me putting almost 0 effort into publicizing it or making it good, so I figured it was worth doing some work on it. I added two more listings and a bunch more photos. Also added three designs, intentionally dropped A/B testing after I looked at the analytics and realized most people who view the email dialog give me their email, and redid all my product confirmation emails to try and solicit more feedback/dialog with users (working well so far!).
  2. Didn’t do any writing at all this week.
  3. Decided to submit a talk to Pycon South Africa and it was accepted! Unfortunately that means now I have to make a talk this week.
  4. All still going fine, best as I can tell.


A slightly lighter week than normal, mostly due to traveling to Durban and spending most of the weekend diving. Apart from contract work the main timespend was on starting to prep and work on the PyCon talk. Talks typically take way longer than I expect to put together, and this one seems like it’s going to be consistent with that experience.

Week 27 time breakdown

Week 27 time breakdown


Already talked about the diving in Aliwal Shoal at the top.

Here’s an instagram from the first dive we did—a baited shark dive in the open ocean. There were (not exaggerating) probably 12 black tip sharks and about that many 150-pound potato bass. It’s a video so you should press play below to see the full effect.

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Baited dives (where they chum the water to attract fish) aren’t my favorite and this might be my last one, but the experience was still incredible and something I’d recommend everyone try once if you privilege/opportunity.