Week 26 Retrospective

The Streak Continues!

Four weeks ago I made my first dollar from Place Card Me.

Three weeks ago I made 2 more dollars.

Two weeks ago I made $3.

Last week I made $4.

Place Card Dashboard

I know this linear week-over-week growth is not going to continue indefinitely, but in the meantime it’s fun to celebrate the (extremely) small victories. The last $2 actually came last night while I was asleep—otherwise this would have been a drop in sales.

I also managed another three days of contract work this week and am not showing any signs of unhappiness from it, implying that I may actually be capable of returning to some more normal work environment in the not-so-distant future. Good news for my bank account!

Goal Report Card

Narrowing focus a bit, leading to slightly better grades.

# Project / Area Goal Grade
1 Place cards One traction effort, 3 more designs A
2 Writing Publish content / distribution thing. Finalize next post. Draft something else. C
3 Make / Ship Stuff Come up with something new to work on B+
4 Generate Revenue Continue pushing / working on freelancing engagements A


  1. Published a first pass on a a guide to escort and place card ideas that I’m hoping adds to the long tail of content marketing / SEO down the road. Also added three more designs.
  2. Published “The Secret Formula for Getting Traction from Your Writing”. Didn’t make much progress on anything else on the writing front.
  3. I decided to build the affiliate-tracking functionality of place card me as a little open source library for tracking affiliates in django. Hope it helps some other people!
  4. 24 hours of freelancing again. Still going well.


Everything looking good again. Especially almost 10 hours of running/hiking/surfing.

Week 26 time breakdown

Week 26 time breakdown


Another Lundy hike off the books. This one to Muizenberg Cave, another fun little cave in the mountains above Muizenberg and Kalk Bay. In addition to the spelunking and views we also saw a bunch of whales off the coast!

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