Week 25 Retrospective

It's almost like I had 60% of a job last week

Last week I spent three days on freelancing/consulting engagements—or, stated differently, it’s almost like I had 60% of a job! Which is probably a good thing given that last week was supposed to be the end date of the sabbatical. Probably good that I’m not still 100% messing around aimlessly earning pennies on the hour making place cards. I suspect that would probably be bad for my future and my marriage.

Speaking of place cards, here’s the latest stats from the dashboard:

Place Card Dashboard

A few milestones this week: I passed 200 real users, 10,000 cards made, and had my most profitable week to date (coming in at a whopping $3).

It’s starting to feel like I might have my very own “lunch product” here—that is, a product that occasionally pays for my lunch. Will try to keep my expectations grounded, but three weeks of consistent sales is very exciting to me, because if that pattern holds it seems like it should be easy to slowly and steadily build on it.

Goal Report Card

Another week of extremes.

# Project / Area Goal Grade
1 Place cards One traction effort, 3 more designs, look at product flow A-
2 Writing Finalize content/distribution thing, Draft something else. A-
3 Make / Ship Stuff Hypothetical skill - get published F
4 Make / Ship Stuff Come up with something new to work on F
5 Generate Revenue Continue pushing / working on freelancing engagements A


  1. Redid the landing page and am running an A/B test on it, added three more designs, haven’t had a chance to revisit product flow.
  2. Have finalized next piece of writing, just need to click “publish”. Also drafted something else.
  3. Got sidetracked on this. Will take another crack at it this week. Or drop.
  4. Been thinking I should spin up a new project, and meant to explore a few things but didn’t get around to it.
  5. 24 hours of freelancing (most to date). Still going well.


Everything here looks good to me!

Week 25 time breakdown

Week 25 time breakdown


Piggybacked as a plus-one to the social part of a Dimagi retreat in Tulbagh. Like ~every other place in the Western Cape, it’s quite stunning.

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