Week 24 Retrospective

200% growth!

Two weeks ago I made my first $1 from placecard.me. Last week I made another $2. If I extrapolate out doubling every week then in three months I’ll be sitting at $4k / week!

Of course there’s no way it would ever work that way, but it was fun to double my weekly revenue in just my second week of revenue.

In reality, those $2 of sales came on Monday and I spent the rest of the week monitoring my email—sure that I was going to make more sales. And it completely fell flat.

I suspect that this is a fluke (August is also prime wedding season in the States) and there lies a long period of $0 ahead of me once more. Am already trying to psychologically prepare myself for that reality now so I don’t get too disappointed in the coming weeks and months.

Another fun aside—today is officially the 6-month point of the sabbatical and my original end date. However, it’s no longer the end. I’m planning to write more about that soon.

Anyway, on to the goals.

Goal Report Card

Mixed bag this week.

# Project / Area Goal Grade
1 Place cards 3 more designs, look at Product Flow, One traction effort B-
2 Writing Finalize next post F
3 Django Landing page for django book/course? F
4 Make / Ship Stuff Hypothetical skill - get published, Fund updates B
5 Generate Revenue Continue pushing / working on freelancing engagements A
6 Dimagi Zapier launch, plan the future A


  1. Added three more designs, looked into removing the email capture but got bogged down in other stuff. No traction efforts.
  2. Didn’t write at all this week.
  3. Had this idea on Monday that I’d pick back up on the django project, but the week got away from me so didn’t actually do anything with it.
  4. Same story as last week.
  5. Close to 50% time freelancing. All good.
  6. Dimagi launched its Zapier integration and my blog on the topic. Super happy to finally have that out.


Again shooting for about 50/50 sabbatical vs contract work and came pretty close (once you add in place cards time):

Week 24 time breakdown

Week 24 time breakdown

Lots of time on admin as I was sorting out some home stuff and planning travel. And lots of time on physical/mental health as I’m back in surfing and hiking country.


Surfed twice and picked back up where we left off on the Lundy hiking checklist.

This week was a trek from Constantia Nek to Chapman’s Peak Drive over Hout Bay that includes a side-journey to a series of abandoned Manganese Mine shafts!

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