Week 22 Retrospective

Time off in Vermont

Last week was basically a complete wash as I ended up spending less than 10 hours on sabbatical work.

On the flip side, had a fantastic week/weekend in Vermont with friends.

Goal Report Card

# Project / Area Goal Grade
1 Chrome Extension Product Hunt / Fallout A
2 Place cards Setup initial affiliate program test, 3 more designs F
3 Generate Revenue Continue pushing / working on freelancing engagements B


  1. I got decent Product Hunt traction and picked up about 45 new users which is fun. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the front page for the day which I think is where you start to get a really big bump in visibility. The most exciting parts of the launch were being upvoted by Ryan Hoover—the founder of Product Hunt—and getting some super positive feedback from David Smooke—one of the founders/editors of Hacker Noon.
  2. This was a little ambitious and I basically ran out of time to do any place cards work.
  3. Kept the lights on during a very light week, which was all I was hoping for.


Had expected to spend about 50% of my time working but it was much closer to 20%.

Week 22 time breakdown

Week 22 time breakdown



We had a crazy crew of people from high school and college that maxed out at 21 adults and 9 children. Was loads of fun to catch up with everyone.

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