Week 20 Retrospective

Not sure where my time went...

Not my best week. I blame travel (3 cities in 4 days and probably 12-14 hours in trains, planes, and airports).

One thing I’ve come to realize these past couple weeks is that routine is pretty critical to my efficiency. Working out of different cities and random apartments and coffee shops makes it harder for me to carve out the 8ish hours of effective time in a day and I find myself getting more easily distracted.

Looking forward to getting back into more of a routine, though unfortunately will be several more weeks of travel before that completely happens.

Goal Report Card

Travel, applying for a visa and other non-work things took up a bunch of time and I ended up making not much progress on sabbatical goals.

# Project / Area Goal Grade
1 Place cards Next A/B test, reduce prices, list on Etsy, one product effort D
2 Writing Publish place card monetization B-
3 Generate Revenue Continue pushing / working on freelancing engagements B+
4 Personal Life Spend time with family and apply for new visa A


  1. I only actually did one of the things I hoped to (reduced prices), though I made progress on the others.
  2. Will publish today.
  3. Getting a bit more hectic with all the different projects, and I think is affecting my sabbatical work as well. Need to figure out how to effectively separate out these two types of work in my calendar.
  4. Visa application submitted… fingers crossed.


Here was my planned allocation (again without Chrome… I’ve dropped Django indefinitely):

Project Time ~Hours / Week
Place Cards 20% 8
Writing 20% 4
Generate Revenue 40% 20
Personal Life 20% 8

Versus the actuals:

Week 20 time breakdown

Week 20 time breakdown

I had hoped to work 80% this week but in reality it was closer to 60% as reapplying for my visa was a big headache and I didn’t properly plan for time traveling from Boston to New York to Toronto.

Once you account for that, the allocation within the remaining buckets was okay, though I’m not thrilled with the level of output I have from five hours of writing.


Every time I go to New York I’m reminded how unique and awesome a city it is, although one I will probably never actually live in.

The highlight was being in town coinciding with Phish’s baker’s dozen stint in Madison Square Garden. My high school and college years coincided right with the heyday of jam bands, and Phish concerts were a formative part of that experience. Being able to see them again after so long and having the experience be just as good as I remembered was a surprising highlight that outshined all my other recent concert experiences of bands I liked during that time period.

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