Week 19 Retrospective

Guess who's back?

After about a month of completely neglecting Place Card Me and letting it be in run and maintain mode, I found some motivation and am excited to work on it again!

I plan to write more about this in the future, but I think I had mentally given up on it, and after thinking longer and harder about it I’ve decided that’s preemptive, so I’m getting back on the place card train. Choo choo!

In other news, my “On Sabbaticals…” article is currently on the front page of medium.com! I have no idea how that happened but I’m now getting a bunch of new responses/recommends which is fun.

Here’s a screenshot for posterity.

Front page of medium!

Front page!

Goal Report Card

Abbreviated set of goals this week due to expecting not to have a lot of time after freelancing and family time.

Good news is that this is one of the better report cards I’ve had lately. I guess lowered expectations does wonders for grade inflation!

# Project / Area Goal Grade
1 Place cards One traction effort and one product effort A
2 Writing Draft something. Anything. B
3 Generate Revenue Continue pushing / working on freelancing engagements A
4 Family Spend time with Family A


  1. Traction: running some ads on Pinterest, wrote up a how-to guide and made a fun little promo-image generator. Product: added a bunch of new card templates in partnership with the Budget Savvy Bride.
  2. Been writing something about monetizing place cards that I’l hopefully be able to ship this week.
  3. Lots of projects in flight, but so far able to juggle them all ok.
  4. Woot.


Here was my planned allocation (dropped Chrome and Django since I knew I had a busy week):

Project Time ~Hours / Week
Place Cards 20% 8
Writing 10% 4
Generate Revenue 50% 20
Family 20% 8

versus the actuals:

Week 19 time breakdown

Week 19 time breakdown

Unfortunately not enough granularity in the report to really tell, but the major discrepancy is that I really didn’t spend much time on writing. Everything else was alright.

Next week I’m again hoping to be about 80% “working”, and focusing on place cards, freelancing and writing.


Lot of family/friend time, catching up with all my Boston people, and managed to sneak in a great hike in the White Mountains with some friends/colleagues.

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