Week 18 Retrospective

I'm in Boston!

Very short and abbreviated week in terms of work / productivity due to spending most of the week with family.

Goal Report Card

# Project / Area Goal Grade
1 Chrome Extension Actually Post to Product Hunt, other publicity efforts F
2 Place cards Think about monetization plans, one traction effort F
3 Make / Ship Stuff Victor’s Recipes A
4 Generate Revenue Balls in air A
5 Family Spend time with Family A


  1. I think I found a product hunter but am waiting for them to post. Might be another week or two.
  2. I did think a little bit about new monetization strategies and spent a small amount of time looking at affiliate printing links. Not much to show for it yet though.
  3. Victor’s Recipes is up! It’s a tribute to my dad’s amazing Chinese cooking and a project we’re going to continue working on together while I’m home.
  4. Started a new short freelancing engagement with the University of Washington.
  5. Woot.


Here was my planned allocation:

Project Time ~Hours / Week
Chrome Extension 10% 4
Place Cards 10% 4
Writing 10% 4
Django 0% 0
Make / Ship Stuff 10% 4
Generate Revenue 10% 4
Family 50% 20

And here’s the actuals:

Week 18 time breakdown

Week 18 time breakdown

Overall ended up with the anticipated 50/50 work/family split, but within work I focused heavily on side projects and forgot to plan for a day spent at Dimagi that ate a lot of my non-family time.

Next week I’m hoping to be about 80% “working” and 20% off, and focusing most of that time on place cards and freelancing.


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