Week 15 Retrospective

Sometimes life gets in the way of productivity

No summary this week - just diving in!

Goal Report Card

# Goal Grade
1 Ship something! A-
2 Django blog out A
3 Another blog written F
4 Start an A/B test A
5 Spend one hour with tensorflow A
6 Wrap up Playlogix contract work A-


  1. I shipped a feature for place card me to upload your own template that had been sitting on a branch for ages. Nice to have that merged in.
  2. Launched the wedding website blog on place card me and freecodecamp. It’s been getting quite a lot of positive response on the internets, which I’m encouraged about.
  3. Failed on this again. I’m a bit stuck on what to write about.
  4. First A/B test for place card me is up and running. Google optimize is quite cool.
  5. Ran through the tensorflow tutorial which has you build an image OCR classifier in like 20 minutes. Super cool stuff and makes machine learning feel really accessible.
  6. I did wrap up everything I had committed to on this project but I think I’m going to let them guilt me into doing more work for them.


Week 15 time breakdown

Week 15 time breakdown

A lot of “day to day” life this week. Sometimes life gets in the way of productivity, but that’s just a necessary reality you have to deal with.

In this case, life included planning some last-minute travel, figuring out the next steps on a longer term South Africa visa, and buying surf boards(!). Not a lot there I’d want to take out.


We bought surf boards! Bought a couple third-hand longboards from a dad who couldn’t ever get his son into surfing and took them out on Sunday. They were great! Having our own gear also finally means that we’re mobile—able to surf anywhere and not limited to places that have rentals. I’m excited about the exploration opportunities this opens up for us (much like Lundy did for hiking).

Speaking of Lundy, this also marked the third week in a row of a new Lundy hike. This week we took the Contour path from the stunning Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to the slightly-less-but-still-pretty-stunning Constantia Nek Valley. Here’s a couple shots from the flora of Kirstenbosch.

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