Rolling up the Sleeves

October 2022 Retrospective

This is a very short, entirely unremarkable retro. But it only took 38 minutes to write!

I’ve got a fair amount of half-formed thoughts and reflections that I want to write up properly, but for now I’m just checking the box and getting back to work.


  • Coming back to work after six weeks off was harder than I expected.
  • November is going to be a busy month.

Last Month’s Profit

Solid, if unremarkable month profit-wise.

Project Profit Monthly Change
SaaS Pegasus $7008.2 7.52%
Place Card Me $1544.46 0.12%
Chat Stats $235.25 108.33%
Total $8787.91 7.51%

Last Month’s Goals

Pretty bad month for goals. I blame this on struggling to get into a groove early in the month.

# Goal Grade
1 Ship a new Pegasus release B
2 Choose a topic for my next Django guide D

Ship a new Pegasus release: B

I shipped a small release, but there is a huge backlog of changes that still haven’t gone out.

Choose a topic for my next Django guide: C

I think I’m going to write about deployment. But mostly because that’s a large part of what’s been changing in Pegasus recently.

I didn’t really put any proactive time or energy into this one though.


October 2022 Time

Time breakdown for October 2022

Pegasus is back to dominating my time, with a long tail of other things getting 5-10% of my attention.

This Month’s Goals

No room for exploration this month. I’ll need to be pretty heads down just to hit the minimum bar for success. Which is:1

  1. Ship the current Pegasus release. Hopefully this week.
  2. Write a decent piece of Django content.
  3. Run the annual Black Friday sale.

For the past two years, November has been by far the most important/profitable month for Pegasus. Hoping to keep it that way! 🙏

  1. If this looks light, it’s because I also have two client-committed chunks of work I’m accountable for with upcoming deadlines.