The Future is Wide Open

December 2020 Retrospective

Given that I recently published my larger year-in-review and I’m coming off a two-week-long vacation, I’m going to keep the monthly retro super short.


  • I published two articles and both made the front page of Hacker News (though my year in review was quickly moderated off)
  • It was another solid month, financially

Last Month’s Goals

At least one substantial Pegasus release: B+

I had four releases in December, though the big thing I was working on—overhauling Pegasus to be able to support multiple CSS frameworks and adding Tailwind CSS support—still isn’t done, and—probably not surprisingly—has been more complicated than I expected.

Publish my “Black Friday” writeup: A+

The Black Friday writeup did well on Hacker News and was my most popular piece of writing to date. Woop!

Talk to 3 people in the effective altruism community: B+

I talked to two people directly involved in effective altruism, and also had some “how to have a meaningful life” style chats with a few others. Still not making much concrete progress towards changing anything in my life, but the idea is staying on my radar and I’m not stressing about it.

Last Month’s Profit

Project Profit Monthly Change
SaaS Pegasus $4564.64 -25.23%
Place Card Me $1313.25 6.26%
Chat Stats $169.38 63.64%
Total $6047.27 -18.76%

My second most profitable month to date!

Pegasus continues to dominate my income with another big month—bookended by some late Black Friday sales at the start and holiday sales at the end.


December 2020 Time

Time breakdown for December 2020

A good month with the overwhelming majority of my time split between Pegasus and “personal projects”—mostly writing.

Financial check in

Project Objective Key Result(s) Status
Financial Achieve financial independence through passive income $4,500 average monthly profit $5750

For the first time all year, I surpassed my quarterly financial target. As I mentioned in my 2020 review, the surge at the end of the year actually caused me to exceed my $42k profit goal set in January.

This Month’s Goals

I’m a bit disoriented at the moment for a few reasons:

  1. I’m just coming off a two-week vacation—long enough to forget everything I was doing before it started.
  2. After four months of leave, today is my first day back at Dimagi. And I don’t really remember how that fits into my routine and affects my plans.
  3. I feel like I should use the turning-of-the-year as a “reset” period.

So I’d like to get reoriented, establish a new rhythm for 2021, and start figuring out what’s in store for me and Pegasus this year.

My primary goal for the month is to make some high-level plans around what’s next for Pegasus. And then start executing against them.


Vacation was awesome!

We went to Cape Agulhas—the southernmost point in Africa and place where the Indian and Atlantic oceans “meet”.

Cape Agulhas

Family photo at the southern tip of Africa

Traveling with two kids wasn’t as difficult as expected (having an extra pair of hands with Ro’s sister joining helped a lot).

Alright, that’s it! Back to the grind…