The Indie Hackers "30 Days of Growth" challenge

Spending a month trying to grow Pegasus by working in public.

I’m taking part in the Indie Hackers “30 Days of Growth” challenge.

My focus will be on growing SaaS Pegasus, my just-launched Django SaaS Starter Template.

The metric I’ll target is sign ups—since I really have no idea how likely anyone is to buy the product yet. This should incentivize me to improve inbound traffic and my conversion rate from visitor to sign up.

Each working day, I’ll plan to update what I did the previous day and what I’m planning to do next.

Thanks to Louis Nicholls for inspiring the format.

Day 17

New Profile Page

New profile page—now with 100% more pictures!

More yak shaving!

In the process of preparing my next screencast I decided to clean up a few things in the UI and between that and addressing some technical debt I didn’t get to any growth items.

✓ What I Did Yesterday

  • Overhauled user profile page
  • Removed legacy dependency on unneeded Python library
  • Released 0.1.0

💪 What I Plan to do Today

  • Address Google mobile usability issues
  • Make screencast documenting Pegasus’s user/auth features

📈 Sign Up Count: 55 (+3)

Day 16

Bit of a slow day yesterday because I had a big backlog to catch up on.

✓ What I Did Yesterday

  • Fixed failing payments UX
  • Added screencast to docs and landing page
  • Clarified CTAs on landing page and during onboarding

💪 What I Plan to do Today

  • Make screencast documenting Pegasus’s features

📈 Sign Up Count: 52 (+1)

Day 15

I’m back!

I didn’t work on Pegasus at all in the last week, but thanks to my last-minute SEO efforts still got a pretty steady stream of 2.5 sign ups per day while offline.

Picking up where I left off…

✓ What I Did Yesterday

  • Vacation! (see below)

💪 What I Plan to do Today

  • Better UX for when Stripe payments fail.
  • Incorporate screencast into welcome email.
  • Plan next screencast(s)

📈 Sign Up Count: 51 (+18)

Day 7-14

Day 6

Good day to wrap up on before I go on vacation! Google rankings jumped back up after making some fixes, and an Indie Hackers feature got me a lot of good feedback on the product as well as many (probably low value) sign ups.

✓ What I Did Yesterday

💪 What I Plan to do Today

  • Nothing! Taking a week off in the Wild Coast. :)

📈 Sign Up Count: 33 (+9!)

Day 5

Not my most productive day. Spent a lot of time Yak Shaving trying to prepare for the Pegasus screencast.

✓ What I Did Yesterday

  • Tweaked Pegasus install script
  • Worked on script for screencast

💪 What I Plan to do Today

  • Record screencast
  • Look into why my SEO has tanked with domain transition

📈 Sign Up Count: 24 (flat)

Day 4

Background Tasks

Pegasus now comes with a background task + progress bar example.

✓ What I Did Yesterday

💪 What I Plan to do Today

  • Work on screencast of how Pegasus works for marketing site.

📈 Sign Up Count: 24 (+1)

Progress Bar Blog CTA

CTA added to the blog post

Day 3

✓ What I Did Yesterday

💪 What I Plan to do Today

  • Work on adding progress bar functionality to Pegasus

📈 Sign Up Count: 23 (+2)

Day 2

✓ What I Did Yesterday

  • Wrote June Retrospective
  • Joined “30 Days of growth”
  • Created initial growth idea list (see below)

Initial Growth Roadmap

First shot at my list of ideas for the next 30 days of growth

💪 What I Plan to do Today

  • Select first idea(s) to work on
  • Work on them!

📈 Sign Up Count: 21

Day 1

✓ What I Did Yesterday

  • Nothing, first day of challenge.

💪 What I Plan to do Today

  • (Already done) write June Retrospective
  • (Just did) Join “30 Days of growth” challenge—so meta!
  • Start working on a roadmap of ideas of try this month

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