12 Apostles, seen from Lion's Head in Cape Town, South Africa

About the Sabbatical

In late 2016 I found myself feeling de-energized in my CTO job and decided I needed a change.

The result is what I’m calling my solopreneur sabbatical—a six month exploration into the world of solo-entrepreneurship as I attempt to launch a product and earn money from it.

My first attempt is placecard.me — a site that makes it super easy to make printable place cards for a wedding.

I’m writing regularly about my progress, in hopes that it will help other aspiring solopreneurs or inspire other burnt-out developers to take some time to explore a totally different professional life.

Join me on the adventure!

Sand dunes in Bazaruto, Mozambique

About Me

My name's Cory. I'm an American software developer living in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

For the past 10 years I've served as CTO of Dimagi, a social enterprise that specializes in mobile applications for underserved populations. While there I led the 25-person technology team that builds CommCare, thought a lot about productivity, and wrote a lot of code.

In my personal life I enjoy exploring the mountains around Cape Town, pretending I know how to surf, pretending I am in a band, traveling the world, and taking lots of pictures with my Pixel.

I'm originally from the suburbs of Boston, grew up in a family of MIT nerds, and am recently married to a wonderful colleague of mine who is also kind enough to be financially supporting me during the sabbatical.

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